Friday, November 2, 2018

Meet Your Neighbor Larry and Joanne Marshall

Penned by Francey Petty, Mont Del Neighbor

8 Crosslands , Mont Del

Larry and Joanne Marshall met after graduating college when Larry was working for Sinclair  and were married before medical school in 1968.   Their life journey did not bring them to Mont Del until 1987, when they moved from San Diego.   They have two adult children who live nearby, Ed and Carol, and one granddaughter. 

To relax from the very busy life always around them, they both enjoyed sailing on  Benbrook Lake and Eagle Mountain Lake over the years.  Coincidentally, Larry is a retired Navy man.  He has also enjoyed flying for a hobby, serving as an aviation medical examiner.   

Larry’s professional career is impressive and he still stays just as busy these days.   One interesting personal note was his relationship to a neighbor years ago, Wayne Palmer, who was active in City politics.   Wayne encouraged Larry to get involved and he did.   Some of you Mont Del old timers might remember Wayne driving around his classic Bentley in and out of the area every day.  

Dr. Marshall began serving his fourth term in 2017 as councilmember for the City of Benbrook.   He also served on the Benbrook Planning and Zoning Commission for fourteen years, as a member and as chairman.   He has served on two Capital Improvement Project Committees, as a member in 1997, and as chairman in 2002.  He is currently Chairman of the Benbrook Tax Increment Finance District.  He has served two terms on the Executive Board of the North Central Texas Council of Governments. 

Dr. Marshall is a graduate of Oklahoma State University, where he received a B.S. in Physiology, and of the University of Tennessee where he received a Doctorate of Medicine.   He is board-certified in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology.  In 2010, he retired as Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of North Texas Health Science Center, where he worked for three years.  Prior to that, he was in private practice in Fort Worth for 20 years.  He is retired from the Naval Medical Corps as a Captain, where he practiced medicine and held various administrative positions.  He is currently working part-time at JPS Rheumatology Clinic.  He provides a free Rheumatology Clinic at Cornerstone Assistance Network of Tarrant County.

Dr. Marshall has served as a board member of the Arthritis Foundation, Easter Seals and the Mont Del Homeowners Association.  He is Past President of the Tarrant County Medical Society and now serves on the TCMS Board of Trustees, Board of  Directors and Publications Committee.  He is also a Delegate to the Texas Medical Association, where he was a past chairman of the Council of Health Services Organization and currently Chairman of the Patient-Physician Advocacy Committee.  
Joanne has been a loving wife and assistant to her husband  during all his professional endeavors.   She was his Office Manager, Medical Assistant and Receptionist for 18 years and they have traveled into all but three states during their years together.  Joanne has also served as Area Director in Mont Del, is our current Treasurer (since 2013) and served for a time as both Secretary AND Treasurer of the HOA-at the same time!

We are so proud to have the Marshalls in Mont Del for so many years, as an example to all of us of the kind of dedicated, family-oriented people who have offered so much to our society in general and to those around them.  

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