Saturday, October 7, 2017

Emergency Access Bridge

Dear neighbors, here are the presentations the city put out regarding the emergency access bridge.

On October 2nd, The City Counsel Discussed:

  1. Expressed their support and intent to pursue a 1-lane, 15-foot wide, gated emergency access bridge.  Simply stated, the physical design of the emergency access bridge would preclude public use.
  2. Asked staff to develop and distribute an informational piece regarding emergency response times and the emergency access bridge project for distribution to the public.
  3. Supported entering into an agreement with Fort Worth and TXDOT to "lock down" emergency access only.  The parameters of the agreement:  Benbrook and Fort Worth would jointly meet with TXDOT to request that TXDOT grant an easement (or other instrument) for an emergency access bridge to Fort Worth.  Fort Worth then would grant a license for Benbrook’s use of Fort Worth’s easement (or other instrument) to construct and operate a single lane emergency access bridge.  Again, this is an additional layer to lock this down but the physical design of the emergency access bridge would preclude public use. 
  4. Determine a date/time to meet with the Mont Del HOA.

As soon as I have some more time, I will update the neighborhood web map with the designs outlined in these presentations.

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  1. 15' ROW = One way street. What's everyone so excited about?