Tuesday, September 19, 2017

HOA Minutes September 12, 2017

Mont Del HOA Meeting
Proposed Minutes
Tuesday, September 12, 2017

I.                   Call to order
a.      Wes Myers called to order the regular meeting of the HOA at 7:10pm on September 10, 2017 at the Benbrook Senior Center

II.                Speakers
a.       Detective Mullinax talked about the recent robberies and the arrests made
b.      Erica from the Benbrook library spoke about the services offered by the library to Benbrook residents

III.             Previous Meeting Approval
a.       The treasurer’s report was approved
b.       The previous meeting’s minutes were approved

IV.             Officer Position Nominations
a.       David Corley was nominated for Vice President
b.      Michelle Santarelli was nominated for Treasurer
c.      Megan Corley was nominated for Area 12 Director

V.                Contested Position Speeches
a.       Alice Miller was given 2 minutes to speak
b.       Richard O’Glee was given 2 minutes to speak
c.       Kevin Gahagan was given 2 minutes to speak
d.       David Corley was given 2 minutes to speak
e.       Joanne Marshall was given 2 minutes to speak
f.       Michelle Santarelli was given 2 minutes to speak

VI.             Voting for Officer Positions
a.       Votes are made
b.      Ballots are collected
c.       Counting votes begins

VII.          Additional Speaker
a.       The state of the real estate and home values are given by a local real estate agent

VIII.       New Business
a.       New residents are welcomed and introduced
b.      Residents are reminded of the Tom Thumb donation agreement
c.       Cookies with Santa is discussed and planned
d.       Don Shipe is thanked for putting up the neighborhood flags
e.       The HOA secretary is thanked for maintaining the neighborhood website

IX.             Announcements and Stories
a.       Neighborhood children are given recognition for good deeds
b.      Wes Myers tells several stories about Mont Del

X.                Election Results
a.       Alice Miller wins the Presidency
b.       Kevin Gahagan wins the Vice Presidency
c.       Joanne Marshall wins the Treasurer position

XI.             President’s Speech
a.       Alice Miller accepts the Presidency and gives a speech

XII.          Adjourn
a.       The meeting is adjourned at 8:51pm

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  1. Well, i was thinking to attend this meeting. thanks for updating us with the proposed minutes. it will be great to attend such meetings and discuss our opinions and views.