Friday, April 28, 2017

HOA Board Meeting Proposed Minutes

Mont Del HOA Meeting
Proposed Minutes
Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I.                   Call to order
a.       Alice Miller called to order the regular meeting of the HOA at 7:09pm on April 04, 2017at Wes Myers’ house.

II.                Minutes of prior meeting
a.       Approved

III.             Treasurer’s Report
a.       Approved

IV.             Annual meeting
a.       Date set for September 12, 2017
b.      Location to be the Benbrook Senior Center

V.                Vacancy on Board needs to be filled
a.       Rodney Somerville moved away and left an opening.
b.      HOA will continue to look to fill the gap

VI.             Pond Party
a.       Date set for April 29, 2017
b.      A budget of was approved
c.       Linda Jo will head the committee
d.      The HOA will provide a bounce house, hot dogs, and drinks

VII.          Movie night and the pond
a.       Wes and Stacy Meyers will head the committee
b.      A budget of was approved

VIII.       Dog poo station
a.       The HOA will send an email blast regarding the issue
b.      If it continues to be a problem, the HOA will look into putting up a sign

IX.             Entryway improvement
a.       Richard O’Glee was thanked
b.      Wes was tasked with asking the city to cut back the foliage

X.                Erosion at creek
a.       As of right now, there is not anything the HOA can do

XI.             Speed bumps on Crosslands
a.       The city is not willing to add speed bumps or a stop sign
b.      Neighbors are encouraged to post “Children at play” signs in their yard on Crosslands

XII.          Spring potluck
a.       There’s not enough time in Spring, so it will be moved to the fall
b.      The HOA will ask the Castros if they are willing to host it again

XIII.       Welcome wagon
a.       Linda Jo was thanked
b.      Neighbors are encouraged to report new arrivals to their area directors

XIV.        Coyote
a.       Seen by many people
b.      Animal control is aware
c.       Neighbors are encouraged not to leave out food or pets

XV.           Flags
a.       Don Shipe was thanked
b.      Wes and Tim are encouraged to help maintain and manage the flags

XVI.        Website
a.       Cheyne Hadley was thanked
b.      Cheyne Hadley will continue to maintain the website

XVII.     Neighborhood garage sale
a.       Not enough interest for this year

XVIII. Neighborhood walks
a.       Will let Wes pick the date when he gets back

XIX.        Cookies for police and fire personnel
a.       Decided to postpone date

XX.           Other proposed projects for Spring/Summer
a.       Beer/wine tasting: decided to postpone date
b.      Yoga by the pond: the instructor is very busy and has invited us to participate in her regular classes.  Alice Miller has the details

XXI.        Clear Fork bridge project
a.       $530,000 was set aside by the city of Benbrook
b.      Emergency access only (this was called into question)
c.       The bridge must be 24 feet wide
d.      Work session scheduled for May
e.       Great debate and ensued
f.        No decision or vote was made

XXII.     Old business
a.       None

XXIII. New business
a.       State law regarding short term rentals was brought up, SB451

XXIV.  Adjourn
a.       The meeting was adjourned at 9:09pm

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