Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Access Bridge Update

Below is the current state of the access bridge:

A bridge over the Clear Fork of the Trinity River from the I-20 access road to Bellaire Drive is still being considered by the City of Benbrook.  The design of the proposed bridge has not been finalized, as the City is awaiting cost projection studies.  Upon these being returned, the matter will be more open for public discussion.  The HOA Board is aware that this is a “hot button” topic and has received numerous communications expressing concern.  Many of these have been redirected by HOA Board members  directly to the City Council.  We believe that a more robust discussion of the bridge issue in a public forum will be forthcoming soon where a vetting of the pros and cons of the proposed bridge project will occur.  We will provide you with notice of when such a meeting is scheduled so that you may become more familiar with the specific facts of the project and have an opportunity to voice your opinion regarding the merits proposed project.

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