Friday, October 14, 2016

Annual Mont Del HOA Meeting Minutes

I know this is a little bit late, but here are the minutes for the HOA meeting we had in September.

Annual Mont Del HOA Meeting
Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I.             Call to order
a.       Wes Myers called to order the regular meeting of the HOA at 7:00pm on September 20, 2016 at the Benbrook Library.
II.          Approval of minutes from last meeting
III.       Feature Presentation 1 – Trademark Property speaking on the Waterside development
IV.       Edward Manuel – Vice President of Development
a.       Contact information was posted to the website
V.          Feature Presentation 2 – City of Benbrook discussing the pond and drainage
a.       Bennett Howell P.E., CFM – Director of Public Service for the City of Benbrook
b.      Information on city services: free shredding service, safe room lockup
c.       Pond information: focus on home flooding mitigation, algae bloom
VI.       Annual Mont Del Meeting Activities
a.       Welcome new residents
b.      Motion to wave reading / approval of Minutes from 2015 Annual HOA meeting (passed)
c.       Report of Treasurer / approval of Treasurer’s report (passed
d.      Election of Officers as approved
President                                 Wes Myers
1st Vice President                    Alice Miller
2nd Vice President                   Bill Bettis
Treasurer                                 Joanne Marshall
Secretary                                 Cheyne Hadley

Area Directors
Stacy Myers                            Area 1
Don Shipe                               Area 2
Jimmy and Maria Ragan         Area 3
Timm Sasser                           Area 4
Jeff and Debbie Hunter           Area 5
Tom and Judy Pearson           Area 6
Wendy LaBorde                      Area 7
Matt Rios                                 Area 8
Rodney Summerville               Area 9
Greg and Michelle Santarelli  Area 10
Paul and Linda Jo Galvan       Area 11
Richard O’Glee                       Area 12
Crystal Estrada                        Area 13ab
Burbury Myers                       Area 13cde
Jan Raulston                            Area14

VII.    Fall Potluck
a.       Remind everyone to attend
VIII. Remind everyone to visit the website

IX.       Directories
a.       Thank Fares Lahound

X.          Discus alternate methods of payment for the HOA dues
a.       Resolved that area directors should visit households personally

XI.       Entryway into neighborhood
a.       Decided that we should look into the feasibility of security cameras

XII.    Neighborhood security
a.       Reminded residents to leave porchlights on to compensate for the lack of street lamps

XIII. Old Business
a.       New neighbor welcome wagon (Linda Jo Galvan)
b.      Patriot flag patrol (Don Shipe)
c.       Status of the ducks (Thanks to Neil Andews, Tommy and Linda Tucker)
d.      Houses in disrepair (Wes Myers)
e.       Front facing garages (Wes Myers)

XIV.  Discussion of possible fall projects
a.       Neighborhood walks – went well
b.      Yoga by the pond – cancelled due to rain
c.       Ladies annual holiday cookie exchange - fun and successful
d.      Breakfast with Santa – big project, big success
e.       Movie by the pond – fun, maybe increase to twice per year
f.        Cookies for cops – went well, will do this again
g.      Kid’s party – have done this in the past, may try again

XV.     Discussion of possible Spring projects
a.       Spring potluck – depends on how the Fall potluck goes
b.      Party by the pond – every year
c.       Cooking class – may try this again
d.      Beer/wine tasting – will try this again
e.       Garage sale – may try this

XVI.  New business
a.       YMCA activities, Benbrook heritage fest (Oct. 15)
b.      National night out (Oct. 4)
c.       New polling location (Trinity Chapel)
d.      Tom Thumb reminder about donations

XVII.  Meeting adjourned
a.       The meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm

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