Saturday, March 12, 2016

Duck Announcement

An announcement from our friend Neil Andrews:

Dear Mont Del pond residents. It is spring again and the resident ducks will be starting their long mating season. If you see a lady in a silver Lexus IS or man in a blue Lexus RX around the borders of your yards, it is my wife and I who tend to the ducks daily year around, doing the best we can to find their nests and eggs so we can keep them off their nests once they start sitting over night. This may seem mean, but the alternative is a close to 100% death to the mother from a predator. We have been tending to the some 20 years and have tried. It is very sad when we find only the feathers of these girls who all have names. Some of the eggs we have successfully incubated and returned to the pond. If you see us, feel free to ask us what we are up to, and also if you just don’t want us looking around in the bushes, let us know. We don’t mean to trespass or upset you. Thanks, Neil Andrews ( The Duck Man) 15 Windward Road)


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