Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Shorter Days and Longer Nights

Now that winter is approaching and we are no longer on daylight savings time, CARPE NOCTEM!

But be safe at the same time.  Here is a message from a neighbor:


We are new to the neighborhood but have noticed something multiple times recently.  As autumn is upon us, the days are getting shorter; it stays dark later in the morning and gets dark earlier in the evening.  The Mont Del community does not have street lights.  It is very difficult to see people out walking during these times, especially as we’ve seen several people dressed in all dark colored clothing.  It would be nice to remind the residents of the following for their safety:

  1. If you are a walker during times that it may be dark outside:  please do not wear dark clothing.  Wear bright colors and, preferably, something reflective.  Maybe carry a flashlight as well.  Be aware that you need to be seen in the dark.
  2. If you are a driver during times that it may be dark outside:  drive slowly and cautiously.  Pay attention.  Look for people who may be out and about.  It is the driver's responsibility to be aware.

No one wants an unfortunate and preventable accident to occur.  

Thank you - have a great day,
Josh & Stephanie

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