Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Veterans Day!

To all those who served, at home and abroad, during wartime and peacetime, Thank You for your service.

As veterans, we all have stories of our time in The Service.  Civilians will never understand how to properly make a bed or clean brass door plates until they shine like gold.  They will never understand the phrases, "I love it when it sucks." or what "Five days and a wake up" will mean.  They will never understand the importance of learning to "adapt and overcome" or how to "push through the suck."  Most importantly, they will never understand how those, for most of us, were some of the best of days of our lives. 

Thanking a veteran for their time is all well and good, but there are those that gave far more than a few years of their time.  Consider a donation to:

In my opinion, the most American way to celebrate today (and everyday), is to do whatever it is that makes you happy.  Enjoy your freedom to choose, and do what you want.  We maintain These Armed Services to ensure despots and fanatics don't tell us what to do.  Go out into the world, and give your opinion, on anything.  Go to a shooting range and shoot your guns.  Go through the Bill of Rights and perform each item down the list.

Happy Veterans Day, friends.

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