Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year, Mont Del! As 2015 arrives, the MDHOA pauses to welcome new Mont Del residents, and remembers those whom we lost, in 2014:

New Neighbors:

Lucky & Christina Foreman (8 Crosslands Rd)
Michael Griffith & Natalie Wistrand (6 Bounty Rd. E)
Cheyne & Christine Hadley (19 Mont Del)
Ron & Natasha Marks (27 Mont Del)
Tom & Judy Pearson (21 Legend Rd)
Jason Phillips & Claire Brunner (12 Legend Rd)
Nathan & Trista Schweitzer (15 Legend Rd)

Passed Away:

Dale Garrison, longtime MDHOA area director
Bill Marcom
Edna Marcom
Billie McMahan
Eileen Copper
Steve Rosen
Colby McDaniel, daughter of Alice and Adam McDaniel

Moved But Not Forgotten

Jim & Margaret Phillips, longtime MDHOA officers and directors